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In a single year the Farmington Sports Arena will record an excess of 1,000,000 people visiting the indoor facility and outdoor complex. That's an average of 20,000 people per week.

Over 1,000 registered teams will participate in our leagues and tournaments during a single year.


70% of those teams are youth (U08 - U19) and 30% are adult teams.


Soccer players and fans come from almost every community in Central Connecticut as well as surrounding towns in Massachusetts.


Interest in both indoor and outdoor soccer is growing dramatically and will continue to rise, This growth prompted FSA to expand the facility to include an outdoor complex that includes (4) full size lit fields, additional grass fields, concession stand, restroom facilities and additional parking.


The facility is also used by numerous non-league soccer players, schools, corporate groups and others training through out the year.


FSA is also home to a fitness area, indoor jogging tracks, locker rooms and 12,500 square feet of prime office space.




There are a wide range of options if you are interested in advertising within the arena walls. Prime locations are available in the front lobby, concession area or surrounding the perimeter of the indoor fields.


Scoreboard Locations (Fields 1,2 ,3 & 4)

Single Side Banner (Left or Right) 40” x 116” $2,500  

Perimeter Locations

Single Field (1 Banner Location) 40” x 116” $1,500 Two Fields (2 Banner Locations) 40” x 116” $2,750 Three Fields (3 Banner Locations) 40” x 116” $3,375 Four Fields (4 Banner Locations) 40” x 116” $4,000      

Main Lobby

Single Board Panel          36” x 96” $2,500

Concession Area 

Single Board Panel          36” x 96” $1,800

Locker Room Entrance 

Single Board Panel          36” x 96” $1,800  



Sideline and endline signage locations are available on the interior perimeter for all outdoor fields.


Interior Perimeter Locations (10ft Banner)

Single Field (1 Banner Location)   40” x 116” $1,500 Two Fields (2 Banner Locations) 40” x 116” $2,750 Three Fields (3 Banner Location) 40” x 116”  $3,375 Four Fields (4 Banner Locations) 40” x 116” $4,000  


FSASPORTS.COM welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Improve your company's exposure by advertising online with the Farmington Sports Arena.

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For more information on advertising/sponsorship opportunities with the Farmington Sports Arena please send us an e-mail.



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