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The Game will be played using FIFA Laws of the Game with the following exceptions.


Law 3 - Number of Players

Minimum of (16) players required to form a team.  Players must appear on the online roster and supply a photo ID upon team check in to be allowed to play. This will remain open through the summer as your roster is not frozen and players can be added as needed. Questions concerning player eligibility should be directed to the match official. Players are not allowed to double roster for teams playing in the same league.

The number of substitutions allowed in a match shall be unlimited, at any stoppage in play, provided the referee has been informed and granted permission for the substitution to take place.

Law 4 - Players' Equipment

The two teams must wear colors that distinguish them from each other and also the referee and assistant referees. Jerseys must be numbered on the back of the jersey. In the event of a color conflict, the team designated as the home team, according to the published game schedule, will change colors. No metal spikes or cleats will be allowed. Only molded plastic, rubber cleats (maximum of 1/2" spikes) turf shoes or flat-soled athletic shoes (sneakers, running shoes, etc.).

Law 5 – Referees
FSA will have the authority to suspend or abandon any match prior to kickoff. After kickoff the referee shall have the authority to suspend or abandon any match. Referees shall file a full report.

Law 7 - Duration of the Game

Each match will consist of (2) equal periods of 45 minutes in length. The half-time interval shall not exceed 10 minutes. There shall be no grace period for the arrival of either team. Teams should be ready to start 5 minutes before the appointed kickoff time. The clock shall start at the appointed time for kickoff. There will be no allowance for time lost (stoppage time) unless play has started before the appointed time for kickoff and/ or the halftime interval has not exceeded 10 minutes.

The Technical Area
Only rostered players and coaches will be allowed in the technical area.

Standings: Standing for league play will be decided by the following:
1) Points (W=3pts; T=1pt)
2) Head to head
3) Goal differential
4) Fewest goals allowed
5) Most goal scored


Max goal differential of (7) will be recorded for game results.