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FSA's High School Summer League offers high school programs an opportunity to prepare for their upcoming season with competitive games played at a first class facility. Join us this summer and get a jump start on your competition heading into the high school soccer season. 


COVID-19 Update: This league is currently on. Please see adjusted dates below.

June 19, 2020 Update (includes game day information) - view full posting




DATES & TIMES (subject to change)

June 29, 2020 (Mon) – August 14, 2020 (Friday) 
Registration Deadline: Extended to June 5, 2020 (Fri)

Girl's teams will play Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Boy's teams will play Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 

Game start times: 4:45pm, 6:30pm, and 8:15 

35 minute halves

All games will be played at FSA Park (Outdoor Complex/grass and turf fields)

Make up games could be played beyond the anticipated end date



$700 per team (league registration includes 6 game schedule, online scheduling, online standings, officiating and player insurance)

$250 Deposit required at registration; $450 Balance due by first game

Any team not paid in full by their 2nd game is subject to the forfeit rule and potential removal from the league.



The creation of leagues and the availability of divisions within leagues is dependent on the number of teams registered.  It is our goal to put together divisions that provide the best competition for all teams involved. 



(Submitted by the team’s main contact and party responsible for entire fee)

Registration can be done through our website (preferred), front desk or via phone. All registrations must be accompanied by the $250 deposit. Please be aware that leagues could sell out prior to the deadline. Late registrations will be accepted on a case to case basis provided there is room remaining in the league of interest. All registration is first-come, first-served. 

To enter your registration online please select from the options below:


****If you are trying to add a player to a registered teams roster please DO NOT submit the team registration below. Please view the Waiver/Roster Information section below for links to submit roster information.




*If you wish to pay the deposit by check please go ahead and complete the online registration so that we have your team registration in the system. Once we receive your check and availability for the league is confirmed we will confirm your registration by e-mail.


WAIVER/ROSTER INFORMATION Waivers are valid during the 2020 High School Summer League only. Previously submitted waivers will not apply to this league

Summer League Roster Information is due by June 21, 2020

High School Summer League Waiver & Roster InformationClick Here! (to be completed by the participants parent/guardian)

Attention Coaches and Managers! Stay in the loop with communications from FSA...If you are a coach or manager of a team you can add yourselves to your team's roster. If you are a guardian of a player that has submitted roster information you do not need to add yourself as you will also receive any communication through their roster registration  Coach/Manager Roster Registration

We will not “freeze” rosters. However, the online roster must be kept up to date.

Rosters are available from the home page of the FSA website. Select "TEAMS" from the horizontal navigation menu options and then select the appropriate dropdown menu options for your team. Once you are on your team's page click on the "Roster" option located on the left hand menu. (player linked to the roster must be logged in to the website to view a detailed team roster; this information is not available to the public)

Because this league is used as preparation for your team's season, if you enter multiple teams, players will be allowed to double roster for teams playing in the same division if needed. 


Teams cancelling games after the season schedules have been published should expect that there will be no refunds offered for the game. We will do what we can to reschedule, however once leagues start we have very limited open time. There are no guarantees that these games will be made up.

We will play in the rain, however, if we need to cancel due to thunderstorms/lightning we will attempt to reschedule (Results will stand for games cancelled after the completion of the first half). Make up games may occur on a different night than what is stated in the projected schedule.



Teams/players exhibiting overly aggressive play, fighting by players, coaches or parents, blatant fouls and repetitive displays of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for game suspension and forced forfeiture. Forfeiture based on this behavior is subject to the discretion of the staff and referees of FSA. Refunds will not be given for forfeited games for either team involved.


Full refunds will be given in the event that the league does not have enough teams enrolled to occur which will result in cancelation of that a league. We will attempt to process all refunds within 2 weeks of the cancelation date.

Refunds will not be given on deposits to teams withdrawing on or after the posted registration deadline.

SCHEDULING REQUESTS (send e-mail to )

Please make note that we respectfully ask that all of your special scheduling requests are submitted in writing by the registration deadline for the league (June 5). We reserve the right to refuse any scheduling request submitted after the start of the season.

Scheduling requests will be taken into consideration based on the following prioritization. These requests are not guaranteed to be granted but we will always do our best to accommodate as many reasonable requests as possible.

1. Back to back games for coaches with multiple teams in the SAME group

2. Specific days or time frames for games within the projected schedule. If a league is scheduled to be played on 2 days, you may request to have more on one day than the other, but we will most likely not be able to accommodate all for a single day.

3. To avoid specific date during the season that your team will not be available.

Requests we CANNOT accommodate:

1. Games at a particular time every week. We are not able to grant any requests as specific as 5pm every Tuesday.

2. Having your season shortened by any amount of games and the price prorated. Request such as these skew the schedule of all of the other teams in the league.

3. We request that if ONLY the coach of your team is going to be out of town for a game, you make arrangements to have someone fill in for your coach instead of asking to reschedule or for a BYE.


*All teams must wear coordinating, numbered shirts. An alternate shirt must also be supplied in the event of a color conflict – Home team changes. Uniforms are not provided with your league fee.

Turfs, indoor flats and molded cleats are acceptable forms of footwear; players will not be allowed to play in metal spikes. Shinguards are mandatory and long pants can only be worn by the goalkeeper.



High school rules will be enforced; 40 minute halves; Single referee will be used

Max goal differential of 7 for posted results

FSA Park Field Rules

1. Footwear - No metal spikes or cleats. Only molded plastic, rubber cleats (maximum of 1/2" spikes), turf shoes or flat-soled athletic shoes (sneakers, running shoes, etc.).

2. All athletes must clean their spikes from dirt and debris before entering the field.

3. No food, chewing gum or candy allowed on the field (including sunflower seeds).

4. No smoking or tobacco products allowed.

5. No glassware or glass bottles of any kind are allowed within the field.

6. No soda or Gatorade type drinks (only water) are allowed within the field.

7. No spitting on the surface of the synthetic field.

8. No alcoholic beverages.

9. No compressed air horns are permitted.

10. No vehicles of any kind on the field, including bicycles.

11. No pets allowed.

12. No golfing.

13. No throwing javelin, shot put, hammer, discus or any other such equipment.

14. The area is to be left the way it was found. Remove or replace equipment as necessary.

15. Do not puncture the turf surface for any reason (ex. corner flags, goals, anchors, team banners, shelters).

16. All trash and debris (athletic tape, etc.) must be placed in trash barrels. All teams must police their areas following use.

17. All gates must be locked when leaving the facility.

18. No drones