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The Game will be played using FIFA Laws of the Game with the following exceptions.

Law 1 - The Field of Play

1.1 Dimensions: Fields is 148 feet by70 feet.
1.2 Field Markings: The field is marked like a normal soccer field with the dimensions reduced to be in proportion to the size of the field. In addition 2 lines equally spaced between the center line and the goal have been added.
1.3 Goals: Goals are 6.5 feet by 12 feet.

Law 2 - The Ball

Approved Ball Specifications: Youth divisions U12 and younger will use a size 4 ball. 

Law 3 - Number of Players

3.1 Teams: The game shall be played by two teams each consisting of 7 players (6 field players, 1 keeper) for U08.

3.2 Unlimited Substitutions: During the game, unlimited "on-the-fly" substitutions are permitted at any time for field players and the goalkeeper provided that both the following two conditions are satisfied:

a) The player(s) leaving the field must be within the touchline at the player's own bench area, or off the field in the bench area, before the substitution is made.

b) Neither players entering the field or players departing the field may participate in play when they are simultaneously on the field. An illegal substitution will be penalized by an indirect free kick from the location of the ball when play was stopped.

3.4 Guaranteed Substitution: The restart of play will be delayed until the completion of substitutions by either team at any stoppage of play provided the referee has given permission.

There will be no guaranteed substitutions in the last 2 minutes of the game, only "on-the-fly" substitutions.

Law 4 - Players' Equipment

4.1 Required Equipment: The equipment of a player is a shirt, short, socks, shinguards and indoor soccer footwear. Except for the goalkeeper, no long pants or sweats are permitted. Permanent numbers must be worn on the shirt, at least 4" in height. Each player on a team shall wear a number which is unique for that team. 

4.3 Footwear: A player's footwear must be flat-soled shoes or others designed for an artificial surface. (no cleats)

Law 5 - Referees

Referee's Authority: A system employing one Referee is used. Their authority begins when they enter the field of play. The Referee is responsible for the record of the game and the keeping of time.

Law 6 - Assistant Referee
Not Applicable

Law 7 - Duration of the Game

7.1 Duration: The duration of a regulation game shall be four (4) quarters of ten (10) minutes each for U06 Rec. All other teams will play two (2) halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each for a total of fifty (50) minutes, subject to the following:

a) Ball in Play: The clock may be stopped for injuries, serious time wasting, and when the ball is out of play for an extended period of time, at the discretion of the Referee.

b) Play Extension: Play shall be extended to permit the taking of a penalty kick if an infraction occurred immediately prior to the expiration of time.

c) Clock Malfunction: In case of clock malfunction, the Referee shall add or subtract time as deemed appropriate, and/or keep time on an alternate time piece.

Law 8 - The Start of Play

Drop Ball Restart: When restarting the game after a stoppage of play for any cause not covered elsewhere in these Laws, the Referee shall drop the ball at the place where play was stopped. If in the penalty box, the ball shall be dropped at the nearest point outside the penalty box.

Law 9 - Ball In and Out of Play

9.1 Ball in Play: No Change

9.2 Ball out of Play: The ball is out of play:

a) When it has completely crossed the perimeter wall or hits the side netting.

b) When it hits any part of the building superstructure or net above the field of play. Play will be restarted with an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the nearest line where it hit the superstructure or net.

c) If the ball hits the superstructure or net in the penalty box area the ball will go the the nearest line.

Law 10 - Method Of Scoring
No Change to Law 10

Law 11- Off side and 3 line

a) There is no Offside

b) 3-Line: The ball cannot cross the 3 lines in the air. This applies to kick by Goalkeeper, from a free kick, kick-in or from the normal run of play. Violation of the 3-line rule will result in an indirect free kick from the line closest to where the kick was taken.

Law 12 - Fouls / Misconduct / Penalties

12.1 Fouls: A player who intentionally commits any of the following offenses shall be penalized by the Referee awarding a free kick to the opposing team. The kick is taken from the point of the infraction (subject to the exclusions in Law 8,9,11,12).

a) Boarding: (propelling an opponent into the perimeter wall) A direct free kick shall be awarded. Boarding will be considered a cautionable offense (yellow card) if it is done carelessly and recklessly, or a sending off offense (red card) if it is done carelessly, recklessly and with excessive force.

b) Sliding tackle: An indirect free kick.
c) Heading Rule: (applies only U11 and younger). Players are not allowed to head the ball intentionally. Play will restart with an indirect kick from the spot of the foul, subject to the exclusions listed in Law 13

12.2 Goalkeeping Restrictions: The following infractions are to be penalized by the Referee awarding an indirect free kick to the opponents at the top of the restraining arc:

a) Passback: The goalkeeper shall not handle the ball (pick-up) if a teammate passes the ball back intentionally. Exception for U6 and U8 Rec.

b) 6-Second Distribution: Once a goalkeeper obtains possession of the ball within the penalty area, the ball must be distributed outside of the penalty area or to another player within six (6) seconds.

12.3 Misconduct By Non-Players: Bench personnel shall be defined as any non-player in the bench area with the permission of the coach. Bench personnel may be dismissed (ejected) for any of the following offenses:

1) Entering the field of play without the Referee's permission.
2) Using foul or abusive language.
3) Repeated Dissent of the Referee's decisions after a warning.

a) Ejected Coach Restriction: An ejected coach must leave the field area immediately and may not have any communication with his team until the team leaves the field area.

12.4 Spitting on the Field Carpet: A player who spits on the carpet at any time during the course of a game, including between periods, shall be cautioned (yellow card). At all other times, the Referee shall report the incident to the league via the Game Report.

12.5 Ejectionable Offenses: A player shall be sent off the field of play (ejected), if in the opinion of the Referee:

Is guilty of violent conduct or serious foul play
Persists in misconduct after having received a caution (yellow card)
Uses foul or abusive language or behavior towards spectators

If play is stopped for misconduct by a player, without a separate breach of the Laws having been committed, the game shall be resumed by an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team.

Law 13 - Free Kicks

13.1 Free Kick Regulations: When play has been stopped for a foul or other infraction, play shall be restarted with a "free" kick taken by a player of the opposing team. When a free kick is being taken, all the opposing players shall be at least eighteen (18') from the ball (6 yards). The ball must be stationary when a free kick is taken. A whistle is required for all restarts at the top of the arc.

a) Free Kick in Defensive Goal Area: A free kick awarded to the defending team, within its own goal area, may be taken from any point within the goal area.

b) Free Kicks Originating in Penalty Area: When a player is taking a free kick from within the defensive penalty area, all opposing players shall remain outside the penalty area and at least 18' (6 yards) from the location of the ball until the ball has been kicked out of the penalty area. The ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area. If the ball is not kicked directly into play, the kick shall be retaken.

c) Free Kick in Attacking Penalty Area: an indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team in its opponent's penalty area shall be taken at the top of the restraining arc unless a penalty kick has been awarded. A penalty kick shall be taken in accordance with Law 13.

d) Direct or indirect free kick: (excluding Corner kicks) no attacking player can stand in the goal box. Violation is a Goal kick.

Law 14 - Penalty Kick

14.1 For age groups U15 and older: All Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the penalty box

14.2 For age groups 14 and under: All Penalty kicks will be taken from the marked Penalty spot

Law 15 - Restarts - Ball Over Perimeter Wall

Kick-In: When the whole of the ball passes over the perimeter wall or hits the side netting, it shall be kicked in by a player of the opposing team from the point on the touchline where it crossed the perimeter wall. The ball shall be in play when it has travelled in any direction. A goal may be scored directly from such a kick.

Law 16 - The Goal Kick
When the ball kicked by an attacking team player passes over the perimeter wall or hits the netting behind the red corner flags, the game will be restarted with a goal kick.

Law 17 - The Corner Kick
When the ball kicked by a defending team player passes over the perimeter wall or hits the netting behind the red corner flags, the game will be restarted with a corner kick, to be taken by placing the ball @ 3 feet away from the board at the red flag location.


Red Cards: A player or coach who receives a red card will be ejected from the game. They must leave the bench area, If a player/coach refuses to leave the bench the Referee may suspend the game. Any player or coach red carded must sit out the next game at a minimum.

Protest Procedure: Any team wanting to protest a roster of their opponent should do so during the game in question. A referee must be asked to involve management at which time a roster will be pulled and players will be identified. Teams fielding players who are not on their roster will be forced to forfeit the game in question. A 3-0 win will be recorded for the other team.

Standings: Standing for tournament play will be decided by the following:

1) Points (W=3pts; T=1pt)

2) Head to head

3) Goal differential

4) Fewest goals allowed

5) Most goal scored

Max goal differential of (7) will be recorded for game results.
Playoffs: If teams are tied at the end of regulation a winner will be decided by penalty kicks.