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Looking for 30+ league - Winter 2/3 men
by James on 12/9/2022

Looking for a team for the Men's league (winter 2). Played competitively in high school and then club at Elon University. 

Literally play every position, D was my best spot but played mid and a bit of forward as well.

May also have a friend who may want to join as well, but flexible (doesn't matter). Thank you!

- James (978)-500-1981

U8 Boy looking for a Team
by Easton Carrier on 12/7/2022

U8 Boy, born 2016 (1st grade) boy looking for a team for the winter session

Looking for a team!
by Alessio Medrano on 12/6/2022

Hello i recently moved to the area, looking for a team to join and continue playing soccer again. Im 28 years old and i have played in many leagues in NY. I play as a right back or as a midfielder. Reach out if any info 516-308-8496 thanks

U13 boy looking for winter 3 team
by Cathie on 12/6/2022

I have a U13 boy looking for a winter 3 team. Please text if you need another player.


Cathie 959-231-0353

Looking for a mens team
by Javed on 12/5/2022

Am looking to play in a mens team. I can play midfield or any position. Would be nice if there is a team that needs an additional player. javkhel@gmail.com 505-288-2939

18 Looking for a team
by Luis Penaranda on 12/5/2022

Hi my name is Luis i'm looking for a team i can play defense  my cell is 860-806-9623

Interested in playing on an over 50 team
by Charlie OBrien on 12/4/2022

52 years old.  Played in college for Northeastern University and interested in playing in the winter leagues.  My cell is 860-463-1573.  Thanks - Charlie

Hardworking striker, 34 M
by Ant Solano on 12/3/2022

Ay, I run a lot on the field, I play striker but drop back often.  Played football & track in HS & in college. 1 touch player, prefer to pass and play 1-2 opposed to dribbling a lot. Feel mad weird dropping a resume I just want to play competitvely, with a higher level preferred. I'm in top shape and very unselfish, looking to have fun while competing with some other elite, hard working athletes. 917-745-4987, coed and men's league please and thank you. 

25 Male Looking for a Team
by Colin on 12/3/2022

Hey all, I'm a 25 year old male with experience playing outside back and through the midfield at a varsity high school, and club level in college. Looking to fill a spot on a team for the Winter 2-Adult-Men's Open session. I can be reached at 8606894885

2 players looking for team
by Michael Puma on 12/2/2022

My friend and I are looking to join a team. I'm 17 my friend is 15 almost 16. I can play striker, winger, or defense. My friend can play anywhere in the midfield or out wide. Looking for a decently competitive team. Send me a text at 203-819-2657 if you need anymore information

25M looking for a Winter 2/3 Coed Team
by Zach Runte on 12/1/2022

Hi, I recently moved to the area and I'm hoping to find a Co-ed or men's team for Winter 2 and/or 3. I usually play midfield or forward, but I'll play whatever's needed! Call or text (920) 988-9389

Over 30/40 mens
by Dan on 11/30/2022

Forming a 30/40 mens team we have a goalie looking for an additional 3 players. reg for Jan/Feb

I’m looking for a team (single player looking for a team)
by John Flor on 11/29/2022

Hello everyone,


my name is John and I'm from Ecuador. I have decided to start playing soccer again. I'm feasible on all positions but prefer forward. My number is (412) 849-4660. I'm located in South Windsor, CT

Looking for a team
by Dan on 11/29/2022

Hi! New-ish to the area. Male looking for a co-ed team or 30+. I play goalie or defense - looking for a competitive team but not overly serious. 

by Sal Vadala on 11/28/2022

15yo goal keeper looking to join a team if anyone is in need of one.

28M looking to join winter team
by Walter on 11/28/2022

Hello, if there are any openings on a team I would love to join. My number is 203-910-9953

31 year old M looking for team
by Alejandro F on 11/28/2022

I have been in West Hartford for 2 years and I am looking for a place to play. Available for Winter 2 or Winter 3 seasons. I have played in pick up games growing up and as an adult.

My cell phone is 470-440-0178.

28M looking to join a team
by Thomas Freeman on 11/27/2022

Hello, I am new to the Hartford area, and I would love to join a soccer team! My number is 2075546614.

31M for Coed or Men’s
by David K on 11/26/2022

Hi, I will be moving to Hartford in December and am looking to join a coed and/or men's league. Played in high school as well as years of indoor experience. Will play any level as well as any position besides keeper. Text/call 5133731350 or email davidtklenk@gmail.com. 

26 Year old female looking for adult team
by Brenna kelley on 11/26/2022

Hi! I'm a 26 year old female looking to join an adult team. I played D1 in college and was a midfielder/ defender. Cell 8609214015 or email brennakelley8@gmail.com! 

7 year old seeking team!
by Sabrina on 11/25/2022

Hi everyone! My son, Brady, is a 7 year old with a major passion for soccer. Seeking an indoor league team for this winter! He is a strong player and very dedicated to his team and gets along great with other kids. Please let me know if you have a spot open! Call/text Sabrina @ 860-999-2818

24 Year old looking for team
by Dax Hoffman on 11/17/2022

Hello, I am a 24 year old male who just moved to the Hartford area and am looking for a coed team or mens team. I played collegiately at Penn State and have played in mens leagues for 6 years and various summer teams for 4 years. If interested please email me at hoffmandax10@gmail.com

Football agent looking for players for trials
by Bussman Norbert on 11/16/2022

Football agent looking for talented players for trials


31 yr old male looking for a team
by Christian Tuesta on 11/14/2022

Looking for a spot on any team for winter 1 or winter 2 sessions. Played a lot of pickup and looking for something more organized. Can play where needed (minus GK). 

Defender. Male. 24 year old. Winter sessions.
by Kevin on 11/14/2022

Looking to play on a roster for winter 2 or winter 1 sessions. Will play any position but best as a center back.

Female looking for Coed or Womens team for Winter 1 or 2
by Taylor Walton on 10/26/2022

Hi, I am a 27 year old female looking to join a coed or women's team for either of the winter sessions. I have played soccer my whole life and I also played club in college. I primarily play forward, but can also play midfield as well. Feel free to email me at taylorwalton04@gmail.com or text/call me at 860-748-7657 if you have any openings on your team. Thanks!

Looking for mens 30 and over team
by Joshua Gratz on 10/2/2022

Looking for a spot on a mens 30 and over team.  Played varsity in high school and in other mens leagues over the past 8 years. 

Looking for U11 girls team
by Alena Eastman on 9/13/2022

My 10 year old daughter is looking for an indoor U11 team. Plays on Plainville travel team this fall.


Alena's (mom) cell: 860-382-3078

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