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looking for a team over 30, Coed
by Matt on 10/23/2020

I'm loooking to see if anyone has a team that needs players.  Over 30, or Coed. I'm 33y.o male. I played midfielder for many years.





Individual looking to play Winter 1 Indoor
by Nick Godau on 10/23/2020

Are there any Winter 1 teams looking for a last minute addition? Open, Over 30, or Coed.

I am 28y.o, male, I can play whatever position is needed. Played at Bristol Central High and usually play indoor pickup with people from my company during the winter. That is not happening this year, which is why I'm hoping to get on a squad!


- Nick Godau


Looking for a team/spot for my daughter U13 or higher
by Rick Wolfson on 10/22/2020

Looking to place my daughter on a U13 or higher team for the start of the winter soccer season.




860 490-9060

Looking for U8 Boys 2012
by Duy Nguyen on 10/18/2020


My son is looking to join U8 boys 2012 for Winter sessions. Please email or contact me:



Duy Nguyen


Looking for a spot on Girls U-9 team
by Amy Buonocore on 10/18/2020

My daughter is wrapping up her Simsbury soccer season and would like to continue playing. Please reach out if there is an open spot on your team. 




Looking for a team - U10 girls 2011
by Sandeep on 10/17/2020


  I am trying to find a team that can take in my daughter ( 2011 born -U10 ). She will be finishing up her last game on Nov 7th with Farmington  rec team and would like to continue playing through winter 1 and even winter 2. Feel free to email/contact me if you have an opening. 

Thank in advance. 



U8 girl looking to join a team for November
by Ashley Hancock on 10/16/2020

My daughter would like to join a u8 girl team for November, winter 1. Would you be able to email me at Ashleyehancock@gmail.com if there is an opening. Thank you!

U8 boys
by Benjamin J Martino on 10/16/2020

Hi , my son is looking to join U8 boys team for this winter session. Please call/email me:


Ben Martino

cell (860) 801-3923


U9/U10 2012 girl
by CF on 10/14/2020

U9/U10 2012 girl looking to join a team. She has played indoor for the last 2 years. Please send a message if have an opening. Thanks

Looking for boys U8 team this winter
by Ryan on 10/13/2020

Hoping to find a winter team for my son please email me or text 8607703777

Looking for U10 Youth Boys team in need of players
by Brett Caron on 10/13/2020

Hello - I am looking to get my Son Crosby on a U10 youth team.  He has played the past 4 winters at FSA however his team is no longer together.  If anyone is in need of an extra player please reach out to me via text at 860-681-6567 or email at Brett.Caron@gmail.com



Brett Caron

Looking for coed or men’s winter team
by Kevin on 10/12/2020

Hi, I will be relocating to the Hartford area at the end of October and would love to join a team for the winter season and beyond. I am a 28 year old male looking for a coed team or men's O30. Please send me a text if you have a spot for me! thank you, Kevin. 585-613-8259

Coed Rec Level Team looking for Female Players
by Bill Birks on 10/12/2020

Team Photo

Bad News Beers are looking for a couple of female players for the Winter I session. Session starts at the end of October and goes until mid-December. We are firmly a recreational-level team and have players at all skill levels and ages.


If you are looking to play a fun game of soccer with a bunch of really great people, please email me at billbirks3@hotmail.com.

U8 girl looking for a team
by Judy Luce on 10/10/2020

Hi, my daughter is looking to join a U8 team in November.

Looking for Winter 1 Mens or Coed Team
by Connor Jones on 10/8/2020

Looking for a mens or co-ed team for just the Winter 1 session. I am 24 years old from Wethersfield. I played for the high school and for FSA during that time. Email and cell below!




Looking for Winter 1 Mens/Coed Team
by Alex Cadar on 10/7/2020

Looking to get on a team for the winter session. I'm a 28 year old guy and have been playing competatively since I was little - COVID has effectively been the most time I've ever spent not playing. I have played at FSA and Oakwood in the past both in the indoor and outdoor leagues so am quite familiar with the set up. Would be interested in continuing into future sessions as well if the option is there. Text or email is good - I usually reply fairly quickly.

Cell: 6099026998

Email: alexcadar235@gmail.com

Interested in team
by Marcus LaFlamme on 10/4/2020

Good evening,


I am new to Manchester, CT. I have lived here for a couple years after graduating from University of Hartford. I am 24 and from Vermont and had played competitively all my life. I played for many club teams and was interested in joining an indoor team. Please contact me back with any questions or concerns about anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Marcus LaFlamme

U14/15 player
by Lisa on 9/23/2020

My son Ryan plays U14/15 and would like to join  session 1, 2 and/or 3


Looking for a spot on U8 indoor team for the winter.
by JS on 9/23/2020

7 y/o boy looking to join a team for the winter sessions, 1 or multiple.  



Recent College Grad looking for team
by Zach Kaylor on 1/17/2020

I just moved to the area from Columbus, Ohio and looking to join a team. I currently work for the Hartford Athletic and very knowledable about the game. I have been playing indoor soccer since high school with an intermediate skill level. 



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