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22 year old female looking for coed team
by Megan M on 9/12/2019


I just got back home last month after graduating college and I’ve been missing playing soccer. I’ve been playing basically my whole life, and I played on a club team in high school and on a coed intramural team in college. I generally play defense, either inside or outside, but am willing to play anywhere as long as it means I can play! If you have a spot for me on your team please send me a note to my email: megan2197@gmail.com. Thanks!

23 Year old Male looking for team
by Jaime Vivar on 9/9/2019

Hello, my name is Jaime and I am looking to join a team. I've played soccer my whole life and play a lot of pick up but would like to join a team. I have played in the CSL but would prefer to play something less competitive from on. Feel free to contact me for anything at 860-882-4177. I can play anywhere in the attack. 

24 Yr old Male looking for co-ed or men's indoor team
by John O'Kelly on 9/8/2019

Hi there,

24 year old male, former college club player looking for a co-ed or men's indoor team for any season. Open to playing on all types of teams (casual, competitive, anything inbetween). Can play in any position except goalkeeper.

You can text me at (203) 246-1285 or shoot me an email: johnokelly106 at gmail.com




22 yr old looking for spot on a men’s open team
by Evan Jansen on 9/5/2019

Hi, I’m a 22year old former college soccer player who is new to the area and looking to join a roster in the men’s open league.  I played all across the back line and can play as a holding mid as well. If you have space on your roster, email me at evanjansen2@gmail.com.  Thanks!

U16 - Looking for a team in need of a player for the fall season
by Adam G on 9/4/2019


I`m a 15 years old male looking for a team to play back right or left back for the 2019 fall season (U16). I love playing the game and have been actively playing since I was about 6 years old. If you have an opening on your team (or even if you know of one on another team) I`d be so greatful if you could let me know.

Thank you for your help!

Adam G.

Looking for a men’s team
by Geoffrey Young on 9/3/2019

I’ve recently moved to the area, I’m 23, and looking for a team to play on. I’m a former collegiate player that played across the back-line as well as deep in the midfield. If you need a player text me at+17068366426, thanks.

College Soccer Player, played club in Mexico
by Adrian Torres on 8/17/2019

Looking for an adult league to play soccer. I know the game pretty well and can play any position. Text me at 956-929-8146

Looking for a team
by Pouya on 7/28/2019

Moved to the area recently...looking to play on over 30 mens or co-ed team. Thanks!

Adult former college player looking for a team.
by Zachary Grady on 12/17/2018

I'm 27 and a college soccer coach in Hartford. I'm looking for competitive indoor soccer. 

My cell is 508-415-9107

Looking for spot on men's open or coed team
by Nelson Ng on 10/11/2018

Just moved here, looking for a team to play for on Winter I and/or other winter sessions. Played club in college at center mid, but willing to play anywhere on the field. You can reach me at 8595528925!




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