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Looking for 1-2 GU12 girls for Indoor FSA Session 3
by Laura Schuntermann on 11/17/2019

Looking for 1-2 girls to round out our roster for Indoor FSA session 3 in February.  Email me with info and experience.  Thank you!

32M willing defender 6'4" lifelong player
by Craig Larsen on 11/16/2019

I can play with both feet, have good vision, decent passing skill, former Winger/Creative Mid transitioning to Defense.  I feel like being 6'4" will help any team clear crosses and I have good reach.  Currently training to regain soccer fit after 2 years removed.  I'm good in space and agile.  Former goalie as well if you need a backup.


21 y/o female looking to join a team
by Jaden on 11/14/2019

Hi, 21 y/o female just looking to play soccer this winter. 8608069401

26yr Old Male looking to play
by Brandon Meadow on 11/14/2019

Originally from England, I have been in the United States since May and want to start playing soccer again. I can play any position except goal keeper. Please let me know if you have any spots available on your team!




36 y/o former club and high school player looking to join a team
by Matthew Morris on 11/13/2019

Hi, I'm new to FSA and would like to join a team, idealy a mens over 30 team. I am 36 and have played soccer most of my life including travel soccer and high school soccer for very competitive teams in San Diego, CA. I can play mid or forward and can fit in pretty quickly to just about any team. My phone number is 860-247-8562. Matt

19 y/o skilled goalkeeper looking to be on a team.
by Paul Zumbo on 11/11/2019

I play for D2 #18 nationally ranked Franklin Pierce University and need some playing time over winter break. Please let me know if you need me. You won't be disappointed I promise! Very skilled technically wise and can play with the ball on my feet very exceptionally. Let me know!

Couple looking to join co-ed adult team
by Annika Fredrikson on 11/10/2019

If any team needs 2 more players for adult co-ed, let us know! I'm 25 and Zeke is 23. He played in college but I haven't played since high school. Text 832-385-4718 if you've got spots.

U8 boy looking for a team
by Tiffany Healey on 11/10/2019

U8 boy looking for a team (has played indoor in the past at fsa) 7 year old 2012 (203-437-1079) 

U8 boy looking for a team (6 yrs old)
by Max Kerasnov on 11/8/2019

Hi, my cell is (860) 930-9045 My son Oleg will appreciate any help! Max

U9 boy Looking for team
by Ryan on 11/6/2019

Looking for a team. Please contact Ryan 401-742-8142

Looking for a team
by Brayan P. on 11/6/2019

I've been playing futbol for a couple years now, I play as a winger. Looking for a team I can play with. (19yrs old) 2036942436

27 yo male for Winter 2 coed league
by Mike on 11/1/2019

Hey all, I'm looking to join a team for the Winter 2 co-ed league. Played a lot growing up and then just for fun as I got older...haven't played in a while so itching to get back out there and have some fun.

Email: michal.rabiej13@gmail.com

Cell: 860-839-3004

35yo male looking to play
by Wagner Filho on 10/23/2019

Hi my name is Wagner. I've been playing soccer my whole life but haven't found somewhere to play the last few years and want to get back into it! Let me know if you are looking for an extra guy. My email is wagnerfilho84@gmail.com


College Soccer Player, played club in Mexico
by Adrian Torres on 8/17/2019

Looking for an adult league to play soccer. I know the game pretty well and can play any position. Text me at 956-929-8146

Looking for a team
by Pouya on 7/28/2019

Moved to the area recently...looking to play on over 30 mens or co-ed team. Thanks!

Adult former college player looking for a team.
by Zachary Grady on 12/17/2018

I'm 27 and a college soccer coach in Hartford. I'm looking for competitive indoor soccer. 

My cell is 508-415-9107

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