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The Betting Club
by Terry walkins on 9/9/2021

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Women’s open league
by Zeyly H on 9/7/2021

Looking to play for a women's team I am in shape and can play forward or mid.


inhave been playing soccer for 12 years and am 18 yrs old

Looking for an Over 40 Team
by Jason Farkas on 9/7/2021

Interested in joining an over 40 men's team. Can play goalie if needed.




24 Male Playing soccer for more than 10 years
by Danny DiBiase on 8/18/2021

Hi, my name is Danny DiBiase, I am a right footed midfield and striker, I have played on defensive also and am a strong but aggressive defender. I have played competitively my whole life and was offensive MVP on all my teams up until College. I played club soccer at my college and am still in great shape. Please reach out my # is 518-301-3064

Looking to join a Co-ed or women's team
by Mubera on 8/17/2021

Heya! Played soccer (and many other sports) all my life. Currently I cycle, hike, and run, but looking to get back on the field. Have previously played on FSA and Oakwood indoor co-ed teams. I'm super competitive and even friendlier (yes, those qualities can coexist on the field). Looking for a fun, competitive squad to join.


Female Sub
by Kate Bondi on 8/17/2021

I'm a 28 year old former high school player, mainly a goalie, but I love playing anywhere!  I can't be a full-time member of a fall team because of many weekend commitments, but am available as needed. I've played in many rec leagues over the years and know all about scrambling day-of :) Reach out if anyone is short players - 917.826.8309! 

Pick us!
by Catherine Bresnahan on 8/15/2021

My boyfriend and I would love to join a coed team together. I played competitively for 13 years through high school, and then off and on afterwards. I've played left forward the most, but I'm also a good defender. Matt has limited experience, but he's an aggressive player. Please send me a text or email! - Catherine (508) 207-2937 catherinebresnahan@gmail.com

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